Enjoy the benefits of ACT International’s professional services – cocoa beans and products trading, brokerage, logistics and forwarder.

ACT International is a reliable partner for clients involved in the trading of cocoa and cocoa-related products. Our trading services go beyond strategic purchasing advice and supervision of product shipments.

A central aspect is the analysis of the raw cocoa exchanges: technical as well as fundamental factors, providing clients both market reports and personalized consulting.

Based on these analyzes, ACT negotiates the best prices in cooperation with clients, thus combining strategic purchasing advice with a solid acquisition strategy, for the benefit of clients and suppliers. Long-term contracts with cocoa suppliers offer them the opportunity to rely on high volumes which allows us to receive better prices for our clients which also enable them to have a long-term relationship.

The trading services provided by ACT International include door-to-door services, for the preparation and conclusion of foreign trade contracts, negotiations, and maintenance of foreign trade transactions.

Stagnating or decreasing demand in many saturated industries, internationalization, and increasingly tough competition are current trends that many companies are currently facing. ACT commodity brokers are here to take over all the tasks of sales for client companies.

Being a neutral broker, we provide cocoa and cocoa-related products to clients from various countries all around the world. Through close contact with both clients and suppliers, we can meet the needs of our clients while assuming the responsibility to offer a fair price for all parties involved.

For ACT International, cooperation with the partners along the entire value-added chain, from the supplier through the producer to the retailer, all the way to the end customer it is important to meet close deadlines and to increase productivity.

Upon request, we offer complete logistics services for cocoa and cocoa-related products. The extensive network of transport companies ensures the mobility of traded goods across borders. From trucks to container ships: the contracted goods are transported by skilled workers with the appropriate vehicles.

In addition, our team can also handle logistics-related activities. Whether quantity flow statements, customs clearance or complaint management - the activities related to the dispatch of goods are realized safely, swiftly and legally compliant.

The quality of our cocoa beans is guaranteed by international certifications. We are also committed to The Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) rules that serve the growing trade in cocoa.


  • UTZ Certified
  • Rain Forest
  • Alliance Certified
  • FairTrade Certified

As part of the professional services we offer, we have been working on behalf of our clients in providing the best possible logistics and freight forwarding services. With our experience, but also through strong cooperation with suppliers, transportation companies and haulage companies, we offer cost-effective solutions.

Freight forwarding and customs services are connected into one logical chain that ensures optimal results for the services we provide in this area. This allows us to optimize supply chains and to increase the efficiency and reliability of the deliveries.

With a cost-effective approach, we are always aware of market trends and conditions and maintain close working relationships with our suppliers. This combination of awareness and collaboration helps us deliver shipments on time, every time.

Our experienced and competent team of multimodal logistics specialists offers solutions for many international freight forwarding requirements, as they are designed to save time and reduce costs in the preparation and clearance of goods.