Get in touch with us, ACT International highly-skilled specialists in cocoa industry!

ACT International’s with the suppliers in the Ivory Coast, professionals with an exceptional experience in cocoa harvest, transport and delivery. Concerned about ensuring excellent cocoa beans quality, we support the growers with whom we work in international schemes.

We trade cocoa beans and, for the future, we shall introduce other products like coffee, cashews and others products. Our products undergo a thorough process of selection, storage, and packaging, to ensure that our clients receive only quality cocoa beans that meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

In order to improve the producers’ standard of living and their ability to be competitive, we support them by increasing the purchase volume of responsibly produced cocoa. The cocoa beans are packed in different sized bags and transported directly to the end-customer in a timely manner.

Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) is the world leader in production and export of cocoa beans, supplying over 33% of cocoa produced in the world. West Africa collectively supplies two thirds of the world’s cocoa crop, with Ivory Coast leading production at 1.8 million tonnes as of 2017, and nearby Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Togo producing additional 1.55 million tonnes. Large chocolate producers such as Cadbury, Hershey’s, and Nestle buy Ivorian cocoa futures and options through Euronext whereby world prices are set.