ACT International AG was founded in 2018 in Zug, Switzerland, based on the strong business ties developed by ACT International Ltd. The main business objective of the company is the trading of cocoa beans and cocoa-related products in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, USA, and South America. Having a good understanding and knowledge of the African markets, ACT International has quickly established itself as a strong and reliable company in the cocoa trading industry.

Cocoa is in greater demand than ever, but this commodity is also facing certain interconnected and complex issues such as competition for resources, supply chain and transparency issues, climate changes, pressure from growing populations and the global commitment to sustainability. To help safeguard the accessibility to cocoa resources, it’s important to respond to all these challenges in a proactive manner and develop long- term sustainable strategies to meet the demands of supplier and businesses involved in the trading of cocoa and cocoa-related products.

Having a team of highly-skilled specialists in the trading industry, with extensive experience in the trading of property, forex and commodity, therefore investing in cocoa was a natural evolution for our trading portfolio. Due to the excellent business connections established so far, we are able to negotiate long-term contracts with our cocoa beans suppliers, enabling them to conclude business transactions profitable for all the parties involved.

Management team

All the efforts of ACT International’s managerial team are focused on providing quality services to all our clients and business partners.

We know how important it is to communicate and establish a close relationship with our clients, so we strive to provide them with services that are not limited to simple procedures. By working with us, every client can find a trustworthy and reliable business partner who will put their interests at the forefront.

Moreover, we ensure that all processes are carried out at the highest quality and safety standards, starting with the selection of suppliers to provide high-quality raw materials, up to detailed checking of storage and packaging conditions, and the delivery of products on time, under the best conditions.

With a profound understanding of the business world, coming from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of specializations, our management team and the entire staff have a rich communication experience, providing complementary perspectives in strategic thinking and consulting. As active listeners, positive thinkers and highly motivated professionals, we embrace change, challenge conventional thinking, and constantly seek to deliver concrete results and find the best solutions for our clients. Our team members are our most valuable resource, our main source of strength and the foundation of our success.

Our entire activity and business operations are based on the following principles:


We are honest with ourselves, with our clients and the community. We are transparent in our actions and we remain so through good time and through difficult times. Over the years, we learned that it’s always best to advise our clients on what’s best for them even if it means to take a more difficult road. We are also loyal to our clients and business partners, doing our best to contribute to their progress and development.


We generate ideas that inspire, motivate and make communities interact, helping companies move forward. We are the ones who lead our clients to progress and generate ideas that stimulate innovation. In a nutshell, we implement projects and develop strategies that have a positive impact in the present and in the future.


Integrity is an unwavering principle that guides our actions. It’s a quality that we take pride in and will always maintain. It’s a value that we don’t negotiate in our work in acting like professionals and business partners. By acting with honesty and integrity, and by our common commitment to ethical behavior, we build and maintain a long-term business relationship with our partners and clients.v